Senior Friendly Cell Phone Options

Today’s seniors have seen some amazing changes when it comes to technology.  From phones with party lines that required operator assistance to rotary to push-button to the cell phone, technology has progressed in a way that many could not have imagined.


Cell phones are easier to carry and to use.   Cell phones help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring that they’re connected in the event of an emergency.  While some tech-savvy seniors may embrace the smart phones with internet and an endless selection of apps, many just want to be able to make or receive a phone call.


But cell phones can still be intimidating to seniors.  Small phones can be easy to lose.  Keypads may be difficult to operate or to see.


Fortunately, there are cell phone options that are friendly to seniors who just want to use the telephone and not spend all day on Facebook or playing Words with Friends. Phones can come with larger keypads and can be equipped to use with hearing aids.


Some of the best cell phones for seniors include these options.


The Jitterbug was designed for Samsung by GreatCall.  It is one of the most user friendly senior cell phones available.  The Jitterbug is a flip phone with a large numerical keypad that is illuminated for visibility.  Flip phones come with the advantage of making the “butt call” an impossibility.  The buttons can’t be pressed accidentally when in a bag or a pocket.    The Jitterbug also has voice dialing and includes an ear cushion to help improve sound quality.  A 24-hour Jitterbug operator can actually assist the senior in placing calls.  A 25-day standby battery helps remove the problem of forgetting to charge the phone.


Pantech Breeze includes a large keypad with the numbers well-spaced.  The display screen has large fonts and is brightly lit to make reading easier.  The phone comes with voice command as well as one touch keys for easy access.  Pantech Breeze has the capability of extra loud volume and also includes a pill reminder.


The Doro 410 has a one touch SOS button on the back of the phone.  This phone, sold through Consumer Cellular gives the senior an option for a quick call for help.  The Doro 410 also has an easy to read screen and large keypad.  A vibrating ringer is included as well as a two way speaker phone. The Doro 410 includes a lanyard for ease of carry and offers a programmable Emergency Call Key on the outside of the phone.


The Samsung Knack is a basic use phone.  The advantage of the Knack is excellent call quality and reception.  The phone includes maximum display size and volume.  An added bonus is a long battery life which contrasts with the battery drain of most of today’s smart phones.  This is a no frills phone for someone who just wants the basics.


The Clarity Pal has amplified sound and large buttons.  As an added feature the Clarity Pall has a talkback feature which repeats numbers as they are dialed.  The phone also comes with an SOS button.


Seniors looking to purchase a cell phone, or family and friends helping in the process, should check out the available options as well as the service plans that accompany these phones.  When a senior needs to make a basic call to keep in touch with family or to report an emergency, there’s no need to be paying lots of extra charges for services that won’t be used.


The best part about senior friendly cell phone is that seniors can keep in touch.  Whether they’re just out for a casual stroll or off on another adventure there’s no need for seniors to be intimidated by cell phone technology.


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