How To Compare Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Lakewood Manor is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) that provides independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care facilities on a single campus. Determining the right place to receive additional care as needs increase can be a daunting task. However, there are ways to compare skilled nursing facilities and retirement communities in your area to ensure that you or your loved one will be safe, healthy and well taken care of.

How To Compare Skilled Nursing Facilities


Ask for Recent Health Survey Results

Recently at the end of June, the Healthcare Center at Lakewood Manor completed a successful Department of Health Survey.  To complete the survey, four Medical Facility Inspectors toured, observed and reviewed resident records for three days during which all four were very complimentary of the care and services provided to the residents.  The Inspectors even informed our staff that the residents and their families were very complimentary of the services and care received at Lakewood Manor.   We’re very pleased to report that Lakewood’s Healthcare Center Survey for this year was a success.

Find Comparison Data

A tool that you can use to compare skilled nursing facilities in your area is Nursing Home Compare, At the conclusion of the Department of Health survey, Lakewood received 4 deficiencies in the areas of quality of care, unnecessary medication, food preparation and infection control.  However, from the Nursing Home Compare website, the average number of deficiencies received by a facility in Virginia is 8.3, and  nationally, the number of deficiencies on average is slightly lower at 7.4. At Lakewood Manor, we work hard to reduce our deficiencies and correct any deficiencies right away to maintain our much lower than average deficiency rate.

By visiting online resources such as the Nursing Home Compare website, as well as asking for information from skilled nursing facilities you are considering, you will be well armed to make an informed decision between options in your area.Lakewood_CTA_1

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