Why You Should Choose Life Care Communities For Your Retirement

life care communities

Retirement is an exciting step in your life. To get ready, you’ll probably consider a variety of details such as work, travel, fitness and family. You might also be exploring a new place to call home. One of the most popular choices these days is moving to a community that offers Life Care. This means that even if your circumstances change, you’ll have the facilities you need.


Why You Should Choose Life Care Communities for Retirement


Life Care communities contain a tiered system that often include independent living, memory care neighborhoods, assisted living and skilled nursing care. With an initial fee, housing is guaranteed during the duration of your stay.  As care needs change, residents can move back and forth between various levels of care based on physical and mental health needs.

Healthy residents begin their retirement in independent living such as cottages, single-family homes or apartments. As time moves on, residents who need assisted living situations can transition to that area of the community. If nursing or rehab care is needed, whether the need is short or long-term, it is offered on the same campus. This gives residents the ability to stay in one community for the duration of their lives.  A Life Care community allows couples to maintain their relationship even as physical and mental health needs change without requiring spouses to turn in to caregivers.

Many Life Care offer an array of amenities including basic health services, barber/beauty shops, fitness and wellness activities, and social opportunities. These can vary from place to place and may be included in your fees, or for an additional price. Often, transportation to local stores, doctor’s office, and events is provided as well.

Choosing a new community for your next chapter is a big step. Take time to look into a Life Care community that can accommodate you through your transition in retirement.


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