A New View on Retirement Homes


When most people reach the age of retirement, they often decide to downsize, live in a warmer climate or near a relative. One consideration may be a retirement home. While this image may conjure mixed feelings, most retirees have a new view on what today’s retirement living should look like. In response, communities for today’s seniors offer a range of lifestyle choices, housing options and continuing care for their residents.

Seniors want to enjoy their second phase of life. They are looking for communities with stimulating activities, maintenance-free living spaces, and a guarantee of stability as aging progresses. Always evolving, these expectations are helping shape what retirement homes and communities will look like in the future. And, happily, many of these exciting aspects are being implemented in many areas of the country right now.

Seniors want to socialize. Studies have shown that socialization is important for older adults and it’s often one of the concerns when retirement is mentioned. Interacting with others may help ward off depression and some medical issues. When peers are around, people just feel better! By choosing a living situation with a strong sense of community, seniors can interact with like-minded people for a fulfilling experience.

Seniors want to be active. Our next few generations expect to be active and enjoy physical fitness during retirement. This certainly is a different view from 20 years ago. Communities with varied exercise options such as walking trails and fitness classes are important in keeping joints moving. Retirement homes and continuing care communities often offer a wide scope of athletic choices such as dance, yoga, aqua exercise, and even golf.

With all of these changing views on retirement homes and senior living, you’ll find many specialty communities that offer a variety of amenities and lifestyles. Choose the one that fits your needs and wants.


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