Comparing Senior Home Care versus Retirement Communities

senior home care

If you’re looking at living options for your retirement years, you’ve probably already seen information about senior home care, retirement communities, assisted living and other options. So, what’s the difference between senior home care and retirement communities? We’ve organized a few of the key points to help sort the differences out.

Senior Home Care

Staying in your own home with help from time to time is what this option is all about. This choice is good for people with few medical problems and few or no mobility issues. With home care, you have your privacy and familiar surroundings, but may feel isolated if you don’t have family members or friends close by. You are also free to choose your own schedule and your caregivers. The down side is that this care can get quite expensive and finding quality help may be difficult. Usually home care consists of daily help with dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping and other household tasks. You may also find a caregiver who has some medical abilities, but if something serious happens, you may have to go to a doctor or medical facility.


Retirement Communities

Sometimes known as retirement villages, senior living facilities or Continuing Care Retirement Communities, this type of living arrangement was built and organized specifically for seniors. You’ll often find several sections within the community that specialize in certain needs, such as independent living or those who need medical assistance. These communities offer comfortable living spaces built for ease of mobility and options to share space with a partner or by yourself. Communities like these often take care of transportation, housekeeping, laundry and some medical services. Meals can be eaten in a group dining area and in some cases offer a variety of meal plans. Most senior communities also have structured social events so that you can enjoy the camaraderie of people who are in your own age bracket.
Costs of retirement communities versus senior home care can vary from area to area, so it’s wise to check a number of options.CTA_banner

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