Good to know: What level of care is provided in assisted living facilities?

assisted living facilities

If you’re asked to help a parent make a housing choice for the next phase of her life, assisted living facilities may be a good alternative to explore. This type of lifestyle is often an apartment building or a group of buildings where each couple or person has their own apartment or unit. Meals are most often provided in a common dining area that provides a chance for socialization as well as three meals a day.

Health and Wellbeing

Assisted living facilities also include support staff that performs different health functions as needed. This level of care is basic without interfering with daily living. Some of the services provided include health care management and monitoring, with interaction from a health professional when needed. If a parent needs help or reminders for medications, a member of the staff will be on hand for your parent.

Communities also offer staff that helps with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and eating, housekeeping and laundry. There is sometimes an extra charge for these types of services, so be sure to ask. In fact, some families prefer to take on laundry or housekeeping themselves if it is appropriate.

Social Life

Transportation for social outings, medical appointments and errands are often included in the benefits of living in assisted living facilities. There are also opportunities for socialization with recreational activities right in the building led by a staff member who may be a specialist in senior recreation. Bingo, movie nights, and arts and crafts are some of the more popular activities.

As you can see, the level of care provided in assisted living facilities is comprehensive on a basic level without being intrusive. When you are researching these types of living arrangements, keep in mind the needs of your parent, as well as the level of care that is needed. With the right fit, the transition to a new living arrangement can be quite easy.



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