How to spot the signs of aging in your loved ones

signs of aging

Grey hair, laugh lines and a slower stroll show themselves as signs of aging in a parent or loved one. But other signs that your parent is aging and may need help can be harder to see, or even harder to acknowledge. No one wants to admit that their parents are getting older. But for their wellbeing, it’s important to know and recognize these signs. Here are some good ways to tell if your parents are showing signs of aging and will soon need help in or around the house.

Personal grooming

Has your loved one’s personal grooming changed? You may note that your father’s hair is not combed or cut in the style normally worn. Mom’s clothes may be dirty or wrinkled. You may notice indicators that oral or other hygiene has been neglected. There may even be mood swings or out of the ordinary behaviors such as sleep changes, sadness, etc. Next, check the surroundings of your parent.

Signs in the house

Your mom’s kitchen and or refrigerator may be neglected by leaving spoiled food in the fridge or on the counter. The once proud housekeeper now can’t keep up with cleaning duties. Rugs may be left unvacuumed, and sinks and tubs may be dirty. Check for smells of urine or other unpleasant or foreign odors. Taking a careful look around may give you some good indications that an aging parent may need assistance.

Other indicators

Some other signs of an aging parent may be that he or she starts forgetting appointments or medications. Your mother may quit attending religious services or social outings she once enjoyed. Keep an eye out for unpaid bills or mail piling up. If you see new dents or scratches on the car, it may be time for you to talk about some steps to keep your loved one safe.

The above signs don’t necessarily mean that your loved one is experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but they are signs of aging that your parent is naturally going through. You may not need to take action right away. But when you are well informed and keep an eye out, the safety and happiness of a parent will be easier to ensure today and in the future.


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