What’s Your Stress Level?

Any article you read that has to do with wellness lists reducing your stress level as one of its suggestions.  Lakewood Manor offers a variety of ways to do that.  I’ve tried my hand at a number of them.  It isn’t to diminish my stress level that I become involved, though; it’s for the pleasure I find.  The only reason I’m not involved in more of them is that there’s no time.


I’m no Master Gardner, but getting my hands in the dirt in my garden plot, planting seeds or bulbs, watching plants sprout and grow, and enjoying and sharing the flowers and vegetables they produce gives me great satisfaction—no stress there!


An accomplished artist I am not.  However, dabbling in oils in the Art Class wipes away all thoughts of anything else for two hours.  The only stress comes when I can’t quite make the picture show what I’m seeing in my mind.


You wouldn’t want to hear me try to sing a solo, but it’s a joyful experience singing with a group under the direction of a professional musician.


The woodworking shop, writing class, Manor Players and game groups offer fun opportunities to residents.  Exercise classes under the supervision of a trainer can help to dispel unwanted stress.  Meditation is often recommended by the gurus and the quiet rooms and apartments provide ones own spot for that.


Transportation offers opportunities to cultural programs—symphony, live theater, sports events.  What a stress-free pleasure when you no longer want to drive at night.


Can you imagine being bored at Lakewood?  Only if that’s your choice!


Written by Helen Siner Wood, Resident since 2011

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