Reliving the College Experience at Lakewood

Sometimes I talk to groups of people who are thinking about moving to Lakewood Manor, and what I always tell them is that it is just like going away to college.  First, you have to decide where on campus you want to live, and there are many wonderful choices at Lakewood.


Second, you have to watch your diet; the dining room food is so good you will surely gain the required freshman fifteen pound.  Third, you are certainly going to make new friends, and finally, it will be hard to decide what course of study to enroll in.


Sometimes people are wary about continuing some sort of education.  Lakewood Manor, like other communities, presents many opportunities to continue to learn, grow and develop through courses in Bible study, painting, exercise classes, flower arranging, cooking lessons, and many other offerings.


My current favorite is creative writing, taught by the patient and very capable retired head of the English Department at a local high school.


I had never taken a creative writing course; I had written articles on history, all based on research and all factually correct as far as I could make them.  None were, in my opinion, creative; just the opposite.  So, after lots of thought I decided to see what creative writing was all about, and see if I could write in a far different way than I had before.  I enrolled in creative writing class.


The class size was perfect; large enough for discussion about each person’s presentation every time we met, and small enough that we all felt we grew to know each other as class continued.  Learning something new had to be good for my brain functions, as well as expand my horizons.  Also, if what I believe is true and everyone has a book or at least an autobiography inside us, creative writing will help lay the background for producing that hidden gem.


As time went on, and as I wrote more and more, I discovered that I was not bad at creative writing.  I unlocked my imagination, and let it guide my writing.  What a refreshing change from history!


I give the teacher credit for opening up this particular ability, but I honestly believe that each of us has undiscovered potential within.  And no matter whether we are 8 or 80, we can find, use and enjoy that potential.  So, I encourage everyone to take a class, meet new people, expand your horizons, and grow intellectually wherever you may be.  Personally, I do hope it is at Lakewood Manor.


Written by Dr. Claire Rosenbaum, Resident

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