Exploring Assisted Living

Part of being the adult child of an aging parent is helping out when the need arises. If your mom needs help with the holiday dinner, or your dad asks for assistance with garden chores, you’re always ready to lend a hand. But, sometimes the everyday business of life can be overwhelming for your loved one and you need more than an extra hand. There may be a time when assisted living may be needed to help an aging parent continue to live safely and happily.


Most assisted living facilities consist of a safe, secure living situation for seniors who want or need help with daily life tasks. These can include a common dining room that takes care of meal preparation; help with bathing; housekeeping; and administration of certain medications.


Residents are encouraged to remain independent in an apartment, carriage house or similar living quarters as long as they can in assisted living situations. There are often social activities such as crafts, movies, music or trips out of the residential area. Transportation services to appointments and shopping are often offered. This type of residential option is good for many people who need a bit of help, but don’t need extensive medical care.


If you are exploring the idea of assisted living with your loved one, be certain of what she needs and wants. Research several different places or communities to get a feel for how good the fit will be. Make sure appropriate levels of care are available at the residence. Note that an important aspect of a senior living community is the ability to transition from one type of care to another. In a continuing care retirement community, moves from one type of care to another can be almost seamless.


Your parent helped you through the times when you needed it and now it can be your privilege to give the same support back to your dad or mom by helping them learn about the benefits of assisted living.

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  1. Lillian Schaeffer

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that assisted living facilities provide help with daily life tasks. My mother doesn’t have any medical complications, but her age is getting in the way of doing some daily things herself. I’m worried about her continuing to live alone, so I’ll definitely look into assisted living as a good way to provide her the care she needs. Thanks for the great post!

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