The Latest Trends in Senior Living Communities

Today, more and more seniors are looking to communities dedicated to making their lives more comfortable, more interesting and more convenient. And senior living communities are stepping up to the plate. They are adding more amenities, services and add-ons to make life better for seniors.

Here are just some of the trends happening in senior living today:

Wi-fi, computers, and technology

Seniors today are computer savvy and need somewhere to plug in. Communities are offering wi-fi, charging stations, computer labs and even classes for residents who want to learn how to log on.

Classes for lifelong learning

Ready to learn Spanish? Try your hand at cooking? Start painting? Many senior living facilities offer classes on-site, or nearby. There are also lectures, trips and social activities as part of many communities.

Neighborhood friendly

Being part of a bigger neighborhood is important to some seniors. Communities that integrate into a larger area give residents more opportunities to enjoy shopping, libraries, churches and other activities.

Green living

Taking care of our world is important to seniors. So they look for communities that work hard to be “green.” That means using resources in a smart way. From recycling to energy efficiency, green communities are leading the way.


To many seniors, maintaining independence as long as possible is key to quality living. Communities understand this and often offer apartments or co-housing that let people have their own place while accessing the benefits of the community like recreational and healthcare facilities.

Aging in place

Moving is hard work for anyone, let alone seniors. So they want to move once and stay there. Communities that offer stages of living, from independent housing to assisted living to memory or nursing care if needed, all on one campus are meeting the needs of today’s seniors.

Clear pricing with custom options

Giving seniors easy-to-understand pricing and lots of options is very popular. This allows people to budget correctly for their later years in senior living. And the flexibility of options lets them chose what they need and what they don’t want.

When considering senior living options, it is always best to evaluate all of the options available for each living situation. Make a list of the services and amenities you are looking for and compare to make the best choice for you.

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  1. Lillian Schaeffer

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that senior living communities give seniors benefits without taking away their independence. My mother has been living alone, and though she’s capable of continuing to do so, I think she gets lonely. I’ll definitely talk to her about a senior living community so she can have social opportunities and options for recreation without losing her independence. Thanks for the great post!

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