What is a Nurse Navigator?

Lakewood Manor’s Nurse Navigator is a compassionate Nurse who is dedicated to assisting the resident and their loved ones with developing an individualized program of care and assisting as appropriate to navigate and to help overcome the health care system barriers. Today, in the United States, accessing appropriate Health Care has become more and more complex. Lakewood Manor’s vision is that this role will assist in ensuring that your needs and preferences for health related services and information are shared between the appropriate people, and facilities. Lakewood Manor’s goal is to assist residents in overcoming obstacles from screening to treatment. Provide education of disease processes, provide psychosocial support and to provide the knowledge to make informed medical decisions for yourselves.  Benefits that our Residents receive are  friendly visits & phone calls, better communication with love ones, helps to integrate care, facilitates Lakewood Manor services as appropriate, provides Resident Focused Planning, assists individuals in getting “plugged in” to the community and helps to keep Residents staying in Independent Living longer and happier.

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