You Are Our Priority at Lakewood

Often, prospective residents are surprised that there is a waiting list at Lakewood.  When they learn this fact, they are anxious to place their names on our Priority List.  They like the comfort of knowing their new home will be ready for them when the residence of their choice becomes available and they are ready to make Lakewood their home.  Residents of Lakewood tell others not to wait until it’s too late to decide to move to Lakewood.  Our residents speak from experience when they recommend that you make Lakewood your home sooner rather than later so you can enjoy all the benefits of Lakewood’s lifestyle.


Following are some of the frequently asked questions about the Priority List:


What is the first step to join the Priority List?

-Visit with one of our marketing counselors and tour Lakewood.

-Select your residence of choice.

-Complete the application forms.


How much paperwork is involved?

-You complete the application forms (general information, health profile, financial profile and pre-acceptance agreement).


What is the cost to join the Priority List?

-There is a non-refundable application fee ($50 for a single person and $100 for a couple) and a refundable deposit of $1,000.

-Your placement on the Priority List is based on the date your deposit is received by Lakewood.


What happens if I decide I am not ready when a residence becomes available?

-You have the option of declining the residence and maintaining your place on the List.  However, it might be a while before your residence of choice becomes available again.  So, don’t wait too long – keep in mind that you will need to meet health and financial criteria at the time of entrance.


What happens if I am ready to make Lakewood my home?

-When your residence of choice is available, your marketing counselor will schedule a convenient time for you to visit the residence.

-You will be given forms to take to your doctor.  Upon receipt of the forms from your doctor, we will schedule an interview for members of our staff to meet with you.

-At a time convenient to you, we will schedule a time for you to meet with our Move-In Coordinator to make your selections (paint, floor covering, etc.).

-Once your selections are in place, a date will be set for the contract signing and move-in, and you receive the key to your new home.  Welcome to Lakewood!


As a member of the Priority List, you will be invited to marketing events sponsored by Lakewood.  You are also invited to participate in a number of educational, spiritual, cultural and recreational programs sponsored by Lakewood prior to your move.


To talk with our staff regarding placing your name on Lakewood’s Priority List, please call the Marketing Office at (804) 521-9100.  We look forward to talking with you.

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