Treats & Treasures Grand Opening

LM Treats and Treasures logo pinkThe opening of Treats and Treasures, Lakewood’s new shop, makes one think of a new store opening on Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue! Shoppers lined up waiting for the doors to open at Blog LM T & T shoppersBlog Lm T & T produceBlog LM T &T suit11:00 on July 28 – Grand Opening Day!

The shop has two purposes — a place for donations of housewares, home décor items and gently used men’s and ladies’ clothing. The other feature of the shop is sundry items such as paper towels, soup, jam, coffee, soy milk, etc. Greeting cards, candies, and gift items are also among the sundry items available. Another popular feature at this time of year is fresh produce contributed by resident gardeners. Proceeds from the sale of the donated items are designated for the Resident Activity Fund which helps fund the wonderful variety of trips and programs enjoyed by the residents of Lakewood.

The week before the grand opening, Eileen Kwak, Director of Resident Services, and Karla Adair, Program Coordinator, were the team leaders for resident and employee volunteers as they dedicated many hours to the final touches of designing the displays and stocking shelves. This activity caught the eye of residents and others who passed by the shop’s spacious windows. Residents stopped to look in and beamed with excitement and smiles as they commented about all the progress being made. They expressed their appreciation for this wonderful new feature for Lakewood and for the hard work of the staff and volunteers. Lakewood wants the residents to have choices, and the shop is just the newest choice available to them.

Karla said, “Eileen and I were talking and agreed that all of our thoughts and dreams for the past week have been consumed with Treats and Treasures. The shop will be a wonderful asset to the residents. We have small shopping baskets to assist with selections of items and a cooler for ice cream is still to come! The residents who volunteer in the shop look forward to being a part of the efforts that continue to take place to enhance Treats and Treasures.”

For visitors to Lakewood, please stop by Treats and Treasures — hours are 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The shop is located down the hall from the receptionist’s desk at the main entrance to Lakewood.

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