Eagle Scout Project at Lakewood


JC Sykes (far right) working with the project team.

JC Sikes (far right) working with the project team.

Harry, scouts and his friends seated at the pergola after the project was completed.

Harry, scouts and his friends seated at the pergola after the project was completed.

The pergola is a great addition Lakewood's Dog Park

The pergola is a great addition Lakewood’s Dog Park


During the month of May 2015, Jim Jacobsen, Director of Resident Life at Lakewood, was approached by resident Scott Kelso’s grandson, Harry, about a project at Lakewood that he could assist with related to his Eagle Scout Project.  This is one of the required components in order to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Jim and JC Sikes, System & Project Manager, discussed the request and decided a good project would be to add a pergola to Lakewood’s Dog Park that was to open on June 1, 2015.  Harry  was contacted, and he and JC met to discuss the requirements for the project. They developed a plan along with Stan Patterson, Facility Director, who also helped with the design for the pergola.  A start date of July 20 was scheduled.  Each day, the team started work betwn 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.

Following are notes provided by JC regarding the progress of the project:

Tuesday, July 21, was our first day due to the very hot temperatures the day before. We started that day by discussing safety and hydration and getting a cooler of bottled water and a first aid kit. This was a hot day and was spent digging out the perimeter of the pergola area and the dog watering areas.  Harry and his friend Truman worked until 1:00 p.m.

On Wednesday, July 22, six scouts came to work, and they finished clearing out the pergola area for the pavers, put down weed control fabric and used sand to level the paver area. The watering areas were completed, and weed block and sand were put down. Some of the pavers were installed in both areas. During this time, JC and Doug Youndt, landscape technician, used a power auger to dig the post holes for the pergola, the scouts assisted in the measuring so the pavers would fit without having to cut them. Four of the six posts were put into the holes straight and level. The team worked until 1:00 p. m.

On Thursday, July 23, we had six scouts working on the project, and they installed the last two posts and completed laying the pavers inside the pergola and watering area using sand to level the pavers.  We installed one of the beams.  The group worked until 4:00 p. m.

Friday, July 24, five scouts worked, and they installed the other five beams — this was done by drilling holes thru the posts and beams and bolting them together with a 3/8 bolt which was 8” long.  Once the beams were up, the top was put on using joist hangers. The day ended at 5:30 p. m.

Monday, July 27, eight scouts worked, and they measured for a built-in bench under the pergola and for the additional supports needed.  JC cut the lumber, and the scouts installed it using bolts and screws.

Additional information: Not all of the young people working with the project were scouts, some were good friends with Harry.  Each day started with a safety meeting about the use of tools and what tools they would use.  All the young team members were able to use hammers, chisels, levels, hand saws, shovels, scissors, electric battery drills, tape measures, and ladders which gave them a good learning experience. We also discussed hydration and the use of safety glasses. The most important lesson they learned was team work and how to accomplish a goal by working together.  The staff and residents of Lakewood are appreciative of the efforts of Harry and his fellow scouts in Troop 772 as well as Harry’s other friends who assisted with the project:  Truman, Alp, John, Sammy, Ryan, Emma, Ben, Alex, David, Jordan Brook, Tyler, and Amy.

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