Celebrating our nurses!


By Courtney Thompson

People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel!

-Maya Angelou

Nurses’ Week 2017 was May 6-12, but at Lakewood we like to think of every week as nurses’ week. Without a staff filled with RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, we would not be the successful community we are. Thinking of all the work our nurses do is exhausting, so we cannot thank them enough for all their efforts. To celebrate our great staff over the course of the week, our nurses were treated to donuts, gift packages, and an ice cream social. Listening to our residents, it is not hard to pick up on tag words that seem to characterize our nurses: Compassionate, hardworking, and loving are a few that stand out. Without compassion the nursing field is clinical and cold, but with the big hearts, loving attitudes and spirit and drive of our nurses who do not stop when the job’s duties are done,  Lakewood residents and their families know they are not only cared for but loved. By supporting our nurses we support the Lakewood community as a whole.

Being a nurse at Lakewood is so much more than a job. We might be biased, but especially here at Lakewood, nurses go above and beyond the call of duty. They bring a loving and compassionate attitude to taking care of our residents. Although they are very busy, it is not uncommon to see our nurses finding the time to work on a puzzle, play a game of Rummikub, or just chat and reminisce with a resident. Our nurses take classes and attend monthly programs to continue to learn more about the best practices in senior care. We are more than a retirement community; we are a family. The bonds formed here go far beyond staff and resident; we become friends. It’s not shocking that most of our nurses have been working here for many years, as they feel the sense of home here at Lakewood that we strive to create for our residents. There are not enough ways to say how thankful we are to our nurses, but we remember to smile and be grateful every day for the angels that work among us.

Thank you to all our “Soup-er” Nurses!


Courtney Thompson serves as move-in coordinator for Lakewood’s marketing department. To learn more about living at Lakewood, contact Courtney at 804-740-2900.

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