Continuing Care

Benefit from the peace of mind and security of knowing your future health needs will be fully met.

We call this benefit continuing care and it is a promise that you will always have a place to live, comprehensive amenities and services, plus quality care for the rest of your life.

With continuing care, residents transition between independent living, assisted living, memory care and nursing care whenever the need arises. They stay in familiar surroundings among loved ones, friends and compassionate caregivers whom they’ve come to know and trust. In times of recovery and change, on-site access to short and long-term care is an enormous comfort to residents and their families.  In addition, continuing care helps protect against escalating health care costs and provides assurance that expert care will always be provided.

Lakewood’s continuing care benefit enables you to live worry-free and fully enjoy your retirement years knowing you have planned for your future needs.

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