Generosity and community are the heart of Lakewood

Residents share skills and experiences for good causes.

Residents of Lakewood exceed the national average in volunteerism and enjoy finding ways to use their skills and experiences to make a positive impact in the community. Research shows that those who volunteer have increased happiness and mental well-being. It is also a way to socialize while helping a nurturing a cause, or group of people in need.

Our residents engage their skills and interests when they join a cause, or even organize their own cause. The spirit of giving and compassion thrives at Lakewood, where there are many opportunities to volunteer within our community or nearby.

Some of the many volunteer opportunities our residents enjoy are listed to the right.

  • Lakewood Residents’ Council: A resident-led volunteer organization, the council supports community interaction and invites participation in volunteering opportunities: the Residents’ Council Officers, Thrift Shop, The Lakewood Heritage Committee, Games, Genealogy, Investment Forum, Library, Movies, and Welcome and Hospitality.
  • Caring Ministries: Caring Ministries connects residents with someone who is in need of comfort and encouragement.
  • The Annual Golf Tournament: This signature event features an annual tournament played at a Richmond-area golf course with the goal of benefiting the VBH Foundation, which helps LifeSpire residents who need financial assistance.
  • Intergenerational programs: Lakewood partners with local schools to bring young students and residents together to learn from each other by sharing experiences past and present.
  • Wood shop: If your interest is in making things for others, Lakewood has a group of residents who use their skills in woodworking to serve others.
  • Crafts and Caring: The craft group uses their skills to make items for our troops overseas, dolls for needy children, and crafts to sell for worthy causes.
  • Gardening: Garden spaces are available within a special fenced-in area for you to plant to your heart’s content. The area comprises raised beds, watering hoses, and other gardening equipment.