Peace of mind and a sense of security for the future.

Care at Lakewood

Lakewood Continuing Care Retirement Community

Peace of mind is the feeling you have when you’ve planned ahead for a secure future. It’s a feeling that comes with predictability. A Life Care contract helps shield residents from spiraling health care costs and provides predictability in terms of expenses. In a way, it functions like a long-term care policy. With a Life Care, should you outlive your financial resources due to reasons out of your control, there is access to benevolent support, and you would not need to leave Lakewood. A Life Care contract allows you to spend your days focusing on the things that matter most – time with family and friends, pursuing your hobbies and interests, volunteering, worshipping and celebrating life.

At Lakewood, as health circumstances change, you can move back and forth between Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support or the Health Care Center that offers rehabilitative therapy. You will remain in familiar surroundings, close to friends and caregivers whom you’ve come to know and trust.  Lakewood provides a comprehensive continuum of care, offering a comfortable place to live, a community of friends, exemplary programs and events, and a wide array of supportive services.  At Lakewood, your future is secure.  At Lakewood, there is peace of mind for you and your family.

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